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AluWood Profile is veneered on an extruded aluminum profile. This provides a superior forming stability compared to similar profiles made with a wooded frame or fiber frame. The forming stability is maintained even in interiors with a varying climate. The latest in doors and windows technology. AluWood system is a combination of a high-grade aluminum alloy to shape the door and window frame such as white oak, yak, black walnut. etc. It merges natural wood into the household and at the same time it retains the merits of the high intensity and good weather-proofness of the aluminum allow door and window.

The AluWood system is a combination of elegance, durability and function. The AluWood system consists of an exterior weather-resistant, maintenance-free aluminum construction fitted onto an adapted interior wooden window or door construction. The system is supplied in raw aluminum ready for a color coat or surfacing based on the customer’s requirements. The AluWood system has taken just the right energy solution into consideration. Developers regularly supplies the Aluwood system to a large number of Saudi Arabia’s leading window manufacturers.


The Aluwood system is characterized by its robust and traditional construction, giving architects and engineers a wide variety of design variants. The system is quick and easy to install on standard window and door elements. Based on calculations made by KSA, the system is among the best on the market when it comes to thermal insulation.The Aluwood system is water-repellent and impervious to stains, and ensures optimal weather protection for all types of windows and doors. This means that painting and other maintenance of windows and doors is no longer necessary. Many window manufacturers are able to supply products in many different kinds of wood, resulting in a wide array of individualized options as well as substantial savings on the heating bill.

Thermal Break

The consolidated THERMAL BREAK Aluwood fold and slide system is suitable to different types of shutters, folding-sliding doors, horizontal pivoting and main doors and ensures high energy savings during the whole year.

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*AW-Sliding :

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