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Features & Benefits

(1) Sustainable Responsive:

Initial physical properties in sudden temperature changes. The wood polymer composite (WPC) material will not be damaged by UV, water, moisture, insect nor from rotting. They decrease the need for natural resources consumption. The material is 100% recyclable. The manufacturing facilities equipped by utmost technology process without producing any environmental impact.

(2) Split Resistance Surface:

Developers Wood deck profiles consist a mixture of wood dust and polymer. By nature they offer an anti-slip surface which is certificated by higher class. They are ideal for terraces, pontoons, garden decking and swimming pool surrounds.

(3) Guaranteed Without Knots or Splinters:

No more worries about popped screw heads, neither splinters. Developers-Wood creates safe environment for children and all barefoot activities.

The lifespan of wood is limited when it is used at outdoor applications. You have to treat your wooden decking periodically and apply chemicals. In time the screw heads pop out. Moisture makes the wooden surface slippery.

Not only the cost at the beginning with the installation of wood deck, but in the long run, required maintenance as well would generate extra cost. In this perspective, Developers-Wood decking systems stand out only durable, but also highly-cost effective solutions for needs.

Developers-Wood composite profiles are durable and highly resistant to moisture offering a cost effective solution.

(4) Rapid and Easy Installation:

Developers-Wood profiles are available with both sides usable to differently textured faces in one. Because structure profiles and simple fastening system, accessorizes also include a wide range of options including inside and outside corners, different corner color profiles. Easy installation and long term durability make the most widely used cladding material.