Space Frame Glass Structures

Space frame systems are three-dimensional structures which are constructed by connecting straight tubular struts to each others with the use of solid spherical hubs. these systems carry loads by axial forces . the conic parts are welded to the strut edges and the struts connecting by spherical hubs.

Space Frame Applications

Aesthetically designed Space Frames cover large spans. the Space Frames can be cladded with polycarbonate sheets or colour coated metal sheets, cladding and glass. Skyshade Technologies is a leading design & installer of Skylights and providing total solution concepts, Design, Fabrication & Erection of Skylights.

advantages of described space frames

  • Because of the space frame systems are three-dimensional structures which work in two direction, for a large spans it provides economical solutions.

  • It is possible to cover spans until 100 m, without column by using space frame systems. they geometrical shapes / areas.

  • The design / manufacture / installation process is completed in a very short interval due to the use of prefabricated components. It gives a big opportunity to the customer to start his production.