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Skylights is a different use of natural daylight where the system provides effective internal illumination. It is a hole in the ceiling can be made of stainless steel or textured glass, transparent or semi-transparent. And usually consists of a steel structure with a curtain system from aluminum or steel structure with a layer of glass mesh or a combination of both.

It is possible that the skylights coating of aluminum paint made with liquid from the outside layer or powder according to the requirements of the architect and in accordance with the specific finishes.

Skylights Introduction

Aluminum Developers is a leading design & manufacturer of skylights, providing total solution concept, design, Manufacture & installation of skylight Systems.
With over a decade experience in skylight design for buildings and villas, we provide customized solutions to have a pleasant experience of day lighting. Skylights are designed in various shapes such as Domes, Pyramids, Ridge Hip ridge, or any customized shape of Skylights.


  1. Pleasing uniform the natural light.
  2. Extended day lighting Hours.
  3. Reduction of Heat.
  4. Reduction of sound transmission.
  5. Transparency.

Day-lighting with skylights can be a pleasant experience

Regular Skylights and Super Skylight 3D Visualization

Shapes of Skylight